Business Management Studies

Business managers oversee the activities and development of their company and its employees.  They are also typically tasked with ensuring that the company or department is on track to meet its financial goals while also assessing performance against the business’s goals and plans.  Many of the most successful managers employ  a number of essential traits and skills to maximize their effectiveness in carrying out their responsibilities; not the least of which are good communication skills, effective leadership and the ability to adapt quickly to situations.  Join us in this hard-hitting management skills career development program that is certain to positively influence your outlook and ability as a business management professional.
Program Description
Considering the diverse and significant depth of information and skills typically needed for successfully running a business in today's competitive global marketplace, this diploma program is designed to build a framework of knowledge in those topics including communications, personnel management, business applications, team building, and marketing.  Students can expect a very practical approach to learning with activities that include business plan development, designing a social media marketing campaign, round table discussions, reviewing relevant case studies for local and international firms, and lots more.

Target Audience
Students pursuing a career role in Business Management

High School Diploma.
Courses Include:
  • Team Leadership & Collaboration
  • Communication Skills for Business Professionals
  • Principles of Business Management
  • Business Applications 1
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media for Business
  • B0-152 Human Resource Management
  • B0-154 CBP Project Management
Certification Preparation
  • Certified Business Professional in Business Communication
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Certified Business Professional in Leadership
  • Certified Business Professional in Business Management
  • Elective: Certified Business Professional in Project Management


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