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Advanced Baking & Cake-making

This course covers advanced techniques in pastry, baking, and dessert presentation, including plated desserts, decorated cakes, laminated doughs, custards, mousses, and garnishes, with safe and sanitary handling of equipment and supplies. Emphasis placed on the production of high quality, handcrafted desserts comparative with retail and commercial bakeries... Time will also be spent on ingredient knowledge, its purpose, and effect in each recipe.

Advanced Culinary

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." ― Virginia Woolf.
The Culinary Arts is an industry that revolves around the passion, preparation, and consumption of good food. We invite all aspiring Chefs to join and continue to explore this delicious world of culinary adventure. Expand and enhance your Culinary repertoire with advanced underlying principles, technical skills, and knowledge. See what’s trending in foods from around the world and prepare yourself for personal growth in an environment geared towards learning.

Culinary Arts Level 1

This course will provide students with the basic skills required for entry level work in a commercial kitchen or restaurant. These skills include working in a safe and sanitary manner, working as part of a team, developing proper knife skills, multi-tasking, proper time management techniques, menu creation and plating techniques.

Intro to Breads, Pastries and Cake-Making

This course will provide students with the basic skills required for entry level work in a bakery or the pastry shop of a restaurant or hotel. These skills include: working in a safe and sanitary manner; working as part of a team; reading and accurately following a recipe; proper mixing, make-up and baking of yeast raised breads, laminated doughs, cookies, cakes, pies and tarts; cake icing; basic decorating techniques using a pastry bag; plating techniques.

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