The International Business Training Association (IBTA) was founded in 2003 to establish and maintain a global standard for essential business skills. The Certified Business Professional (CBP) certification provides an international benchmark in the form of a globally recognized business credential that assures employers of a level of excellence and reliability. IBTA employs subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the objectives covered in the program remain current and applicable.

The CBP program equips professionals with the skills and certification required to meet and surpass international business standards. IBTA is committed to developing cutting-edge business training programs and materials in order to ensure that credentials maintain their excellence and relevance throughout the world. IBTA is the global leader in business certification, and the CBP program is the fastest growing certification for business professionals worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., India, China, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Synergy Bahamas offers training and certification in a number of courses and subject matter leading to achievement of the following IBTA credentials:

Principles of Business Management

The Certified Business Professional™ in Business Management training and certification program is geared towards persons interested in pursuing a career in management or improving their management skills.

The course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who must make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. If a practical approach to managing in any environment is what you need, then this course is for you.

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Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Customer service and support is truly the backbone of any business. It can make or break a customer’s experience and therefore impacts a company’s bottom line in many ways. Good customer service means more money. Happy Customers Spend More! In fact, seventy percent of buying experiences are based on the emotional experience of the customer and how he or she feels they are being treated.

In this course, students will learn how to improve customer experiences in an engaging and interactive environment involving role-play, case studies, field trips and more

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Project Management

The Principles of Project Management Certification equips the business professional with leading methodologies and practices in the project management field. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many industries today, with many employers now identifying project management skills as vital for corporate success.

Whether you are a business executive or an information technology professional, the CBP™ Project Management Certification will enable you to advance your career and develop your professional skills. The Certified Business Professional™ in Project Management program covers the four key project management areas required to achieve the CBP Professional or CBP Master Executive designation:

  • The Project Initiation Stage
  • The Project Planning Stage
  • The Project Implementation Stage
  • The Project Closing Stage

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Good leadership is about much more than business know-how. Leaders in the modern workplace must be able to empathize with their teams’ concerns and needs, almost taking on the role of psychologist. And as the workplace is a constantly evolving ecosystem, leadership skills and leader roles are not reserved purely for those in management positions anymore. In this course, students will explore new concepts of leadership with a team-first approach and focus. They can expect lively debates and group discussions, case studies, team collaboration exercises and presentations.

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Business Communication

Many successful business professionals rely on effective communications and their grasp of good business etiquette to build strong partnerships and great customer experiences.

In this course students practice the most effective communication methods and principles available today while developing proper etiquette practices for different business scenarios including face-to-face business meetings, corporate entertaining, telephone, and Internet business interaction scenarios.

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