Dear prospective student

Welcome to Synergy Bahamas! Thank you for considering us as your partner in career training and certification. As one of the leading privately-owned Information Technology and Business training institutions in the Bahamas, we are fully committed to providing you with only the very best in instructor-led training and industry certification preparation available in the country. Below are some of the reasons why we think you will find the learning experience here second to none.

Our instructors are Amazing!

Synergy Instructors are selected based on a number of stringent criteria that ensures that our students are exposed to the most beneficial and fulfilling learning experience available in the country.

  • Our Instructors are all fully qualified in the subject and courses they teach and are typically tenured with more than 10 years of proven work experience in the same field.
  • All new Instructors are required to attend a mandatory multi-day train-the-training course before being contracted. Upon completion, they are practically assessed on their ability to deliver a classroom training seminar consistent with Synergy Bahamas’ hands-on, project-based teaching philosophy and industry-defined educational best practices. Only the best trainers are selected from this process.
  • Instructors are not only selected for their knowledge, skills or teaching ability but also for their passion and desire to positively impact the lives of the students in their care.
  • Our students are regularly polled to provide feedback on their training experience at Synergy Bahamas. Consistently, from the inception of the institution, our instructors continue to score an average of 95% on their student satisfaction ratings.

Local and international recognition

All courses and programs are registered with the Ministry of Education and National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas. Synergy Bahamas also maintains a number of strategic global partnerships and affiliations to guarantee that our programs also meet international education standards in delivery and content. This helps to ensure that our students are exposed to curriculum and training that will arm them with skills and credentials that are current and universally competitive.

How do we measure our success?

We believe that our students’ success in achieving their educational goals and subsequently their career goals is the truest measure of our own success and organizational worth. Over the years we have had the pleasure of seeing many of our certified students ascend the corporate ladder into supervisory and management positions, start their own business or change jobs to pursue new and better career opportunities. Of course, their path to success had a lot to do with their own drive, determination and personal vision, but we are proud that we were able to play a role in helping to pave that path for them.

Congratulations for taking steps to create your own path to success. We are excited to be a part of your journey and pledge to do our best to ensure your experience at Synergy will be fruitful and rewarding in all the most positive ways.

Job placement assistance

Although we do not guarantee job placement upon completion, Synergy Bahamas has thankfully earned a good reputation for producing work ready graduates for the various industries and career sectors we target for training. As a result, we are regularly contacted by many organizations in the country, from small to the very largest employers, all requesting recommendations for available positions they may have at the time. As we assess students on their character and attitude as well as the work produced in the classroom, we are able to provide these corporate partners / employers with a comprehensive evaluation and recommendation of students that are most likely to succeed on the job.

Free course retakes

A student benefit that we are most proud to offer is the opportunity for students to retake any course that they have completed or began within 12 months of the end date of the course with no additional charge on tuition. Please note that a new registration fee will still apply for retakes. We recognize that with adult learners, sometimes there are circumstances that may need immediate and singular attention.

Also, there may be a desire to retake a class simply to reinforce the lessons or skills needed by the individual. Whatever the reason, Synergy Bahamas students are welcomed to utilize the retake option as needed.

Note: All course retakes are subject to seat availability and this benefit only applies if the course or the associated certification has not been updated by the accrediting body.

Returning student discounts

Within a defined and advertised period at the beginning of each semester, returning students can typically qualify for a returning student discount of 10% off their tuition (only). This discount policy is applied at the discretion of the institution and may fluctuate from semester to semester.