Company Background

Synergy was officially formed in January of 2006 by a small group of veteran business and information technology professionals and trainers with the vision to deliver the most sought-after international training and certification programs to Bahamians locally, and with a standard that was internationally competitive and uncompromising in quality and value. With numerous internationally recognized credentials and strategic partnerships, Synergy Bahamas has quickly established a significant and impressive foundation for achieving that goal.

However, the truest testament to our organization’s success comes from the thousands of students and clients that we have been able to positively and genuinely assist over the years to achieve their various learning, certification and career-training goals.

A Focus on Active Learning

Even before our official launch in 2006, one of our greatest challenges / concerns had been to identify which training delivery method and or learning strategy is best for achieving what our students desired most; which is to acquire job relevant, immediately employable skills and certifications for the careers and industries to which they are connected or pursuing.

After some immersive research and collaboration with adult learning specialists, industry professionals and our clients themselves, we identified a training philosophy/ methodology that we believe would most closely elicit the type of results and learning experiences we wanted to promote and achieve – Active Learning.

Active learning in its simplest definition, is learning by doing. By employing the use of hands-on, practical exercises that engage the students critical thinking, problem solving skills, we believe we can have the best chance to achieve our stated organization’s mission. In Synergy classrooms, students are engaged in the learning process by participating in group discussions and debates, case studies, role plays, project planning and development, problem solving, etc. Instructors are encouraged to ‘actively’ facilitate the learning process rather than relying strictly on the more traditional delivery methods like lectures and individualized study.

Instructor-Led Classes

  • Training is facilitated by certified, experienced instructors in comfortable, modernly equipped classrooms and labs. Small class sizes allow enough opportunity for students to interact individually with their instructors and thus significantly improve their learning experience.
  • Most technical and business courses are filled with hands-on activities and exercises that help to enhance the comprehension, application and retention of the curriculum covered but they also serve to create an enjoyable, lively and interactive learning environment.
  • Finally, our instructors are required to attend internationally recognized trainer certification workshops and undergo regular reviews to ensure that they continue to achieve the very best standards in classroom delivery and student satisfaction.

Our Instructors come backed with years of experience in their respective industries as well as the relevant certifications and credentials you would expect in order to successfully help your team meet your organization’s learning objectives. With an average client satisfaction score of 95.5% you can rest assured that your team is in good hands. For your convenience, instructor profiles of our trainers, outlining their training background and credentials, are available for your review.