Vision Statement

To help create and sustain a learning culture in our country where Bahamians can be globally competitive, economically empowered and consciously enlightened through education and the pursuit of higher learning.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to influence significant and positive change in the lives of our students by providing the best training experience available in the country, leading to industry recognized credentials and globally competitive career building skills.


Our philosophy is simple – Education for Everyone.  This means we are fundamentally committed to ensuring that anyone that is seeking an opportunity for higher education and or continued professional development should be allowed the chance wherever possible to fulfill that goal.

As educators, we recognize that people learn and assimilate information differently.  Similarly, we also recognize that people are exposed to different influences and experiences at varying times in their lives.  Some are academically nurtured and molded very early while others may choose (or are motivated by circumstances) to embrace education or the pursuit of higher learning a bit later.

Whatever the reason or circumstance, Synergy Bahamas is committed to nation building through the educational, intellectual and technical skills development of our nation’s greatest resource – our people.  As a result, we seek to offer courses, programs and training initiatives that would allow us to impact the most people possible within our area of expertise.  By partnering with many of the government sponsored community development programs, we have remained true to this goal and philosophy and will continue to seek other ways to have an even greater impact in the years to come.