Advanced Baking & Cake-making

This course covers advanced techniques in pastry, baking, and dessert presentation, including plated desserts, decorated cakes, laminated doughs, custards, mousses, and garnishes, with safe and sanitary handling of equipment and supplies. Emphasis placed on the production of high quality, handcrafted desserts comparative with retail and commercial bakeries... Time will also be spent on ingredient knowledge, its purpose, and effect in each recipe.

Advanced Culinary

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." ? Virginia Woolf.
The Culinary Arts is an industry that revolves around the passion, preparation, and consumption of good food. We invite all aspiring Chefs to join and continue to explore this delicious world of culinary adventure. Expand and enhance your Culinary repertoire with advanced underlying principles, technical skills, and knowledge. See what’s trending in foods from around the world and prepare yourself for personal growth in an environment geared towards learning.

aPHRi Exam Prep Workshop

The Associate Professional in Human Resources - International (aPHRi™)Certification is made for persons just beginning their professional HR journey internationally. In this aPHRi workshop, we will explore the operational tasks related to the human resource function and workplace management, employee training and development techniques, how to manage both organization and employee needs for a well-balanced and healthy organization, rewards, pay, and benefits application laws, regulations and company policies, laws related to a safe work environment and how to avoid workplace hazards in order to fully prepare you to take the aPHRi certification exam.

Business Applications 1

This course is the entry point for Microsoft Office certification for three of the most heavily-used business applications in the world today - Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Students will learn how to create and format documents, build and manage spreadsheets, and use Outlook to send emails, manage contacts and appointments.  Utilizing a very project-driven approach, students will work collectively and independently to complete real-world scenario-based exercises throughout the course.

Business Applications 2

This course is the second of two that prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification for three of the most heavily-used business applications in the world today - Word, Excel and Outlook.  Students will cover advanced topics in document creation and management, spreadsheet functionality and electronic communication and collaboration using Outlook. Utilizing a very project driven approach, students will work collectively and independently to complete real-world scenario based exercises throughout the course.

Business Management Studies

Business managers oversee the activities and development of their company and its employees.  They are also typically tasked with ensuring that the company or department is on track to meet its financial goals while also assessing performance against the business’s goals and plans.  Many of the most successful managers employ  a number of essential traits and skills to maximize their effectiveness in carrying out their responsibilities; not the least of which are good communication skills, effective leadership and the ability to adapt quickly to situations.  Join us in this hard-hitting management skills career development program that is certain to positively influence your outlook and ability as a business management professional.

CBP Project Management

The CBP Project Management Certification equips the business professional with leading methodologies and practices in the project management field. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many industries today, with many employers now identifying project management skills as vital for corporate success. Whether you are a business executive or an information technology professional, the CBP™ Project Management Certification will enable you to advance your career and develop your professional skills.

Communication Skills for Business Professionals

Many successful business professionals have mastered the ability to convey meaningful, informative, and motivational information in ways that promote great business relationships and customer experiences. In this course, students will explore some of the most useful and effective communication methods employed today for different business scenarios including face-to-face business meetings, corporate entertaining, telephone, and social media interactions, public speaking engagements, and more.

CompTIA A Plus

The CompTIA A course will prepare students for the A core certification exams. Students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to install, build, maintain, and configure personal computers, laptops, and printers. Students will learn to support mobile devices and small networks in a business setting, including hardware and software troubleshooting, Windows installations, and configuration. The course also covers areas such as security, safety, environmental issues, communication, and professionalism.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

The CompTIA® IT Fundamentals certification program is designed to provide students with a standardized foundation in Information Technology support skills. Students will learn how to perform tasks commonly required or requested of advanced end-users and beginning IT professionals while preparing to achieve their first industry certification exam from the global leader in entry-level IT industry certification - CompTIA.  This program and the certification associated with it is universally recommended as the first step to more advanced information technology training and certifications including other CompTIA courses, Microsoft, CISCO, etc. Course delivery will include a healthy amount of practical, hands-on training that will include each student learning how to build, repair and troubleshoot computers, install and configure software and perform basic networking tasks common in the industry.

CompTIA Network

The CompTIA Network certification is an internationally recognized credential that validates the technical knowledge required of foundation-level IT network practitioners. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and describe all the major networking technologies, systems, and tools in use in modern PC-based computer networks, and learn information and skills that will be helpful as they prepare for the CompTIA Network certification examination.

CompTIA Security

The CompTIA Security course allows students to gain knowledge of security concepts, tools, and procedures to react to security incidents, ensure that security personnel is anticipating security risks and guarding against them.  After taking this course, students will have a better understanding of the field of network security and how it relates to other areas of information technology.

This course also provides the broad-based knowledge necessary to prepare for further study in specialized security fields, or it can serve as a capstone course that gives a general introduction to the field.

Culinary Arts Level 1

This course will provide students with the basic skills required for entry level work in a commercial kitchen or restaurant. These skills include working in a safe and sanitary manner, working as part of a team, developing proper knife skills, multi-tasking, proper time management techniques, menu creation and plating techniques.

Digital Art & Design

Digital Art designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.  Designers can typically find employment opportunities in a number of industries, including advertising, publishing and specialized design services, as well as in the growing field of website design, particularly Internet advertising.  

Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business

This course is delivered as a practical and unfiltered guide to effective web marketing, the rules of new media and researching the new generation of digital consumers. Students will cover key topics such as search marketing, social media, Google, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, customer engagement and digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies & Analytics

Tired of investing money, time, and effort into social media marketing without reaping results? Strategy—that's the key to a successful campaign. Learn effective digital marketing strategies to reposition and grow your brand online.

Employment Law for Managers and Supervisors

This certificate course provides a practical guide and a comprehensive approach to understanding the fundamentals of Employment Law. The course is specifically designed for HR and departmental/executive managers and supervisors by highlighting critical legal issues involving employment practices in The Bahamas and essential problem-solving strategies to address these issues.

Employment Law for Managers and Supervisors II

This advanced professional development certificate course provides practical, integrative training in complex employment law issues and principles for creative problem-solving and conflict resolution within an organization’s culture, human resource management, and ecosystem. The course combines critical analysis of relevant employment law case studies, dynamic group activities, stimulating discussion, experiential learning, and engaging classroom teaching and coaching.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development

The Entrepreneurship & Small Business certification program will provide students with the necessary core skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Students will learn about real-life entrepreneurs, the characteristics of entrepreneurs, how to generate business ideas, and the steps it takes to initiate, manage and sustain a business. All of the concepts and skills are reinforced by a strong emphasis on active learning.

Fundamentals of Art & Graphic Design

The Fundamentals of Art & Graphic Design, acknowledges the aspects of mastering the principles and elements of design through examining the qualities of visual communication/materials (shapes, images, color theory, typography, and layout) and how they work together. Students will learn when and where graphic design originated, a brief run through of art history and how to develop and showcase their own creativity. An introduction to Adobe Photoshop in the graphic design process will be also be covered

Fundamentals of Bookkeeping

This certification course covers the basic principles of single and double-entry bookkeeping and its application to business in both a manual and a computerized system. Upon completion of this qualification students will be able to carry out the role of an employed assistant bookkeeper under supervision.  Students will learn how to apply postings from the books of prime entry and from source documents to the ledger accounts and produce an initial trial balance. They will also be able to set up a computerized bookkeeping system, enter details of all transactions, and produce reports.

Graphic Design in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a program used by graphic designers to create vector images. These images can be typically used to create illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams, cartoons of real photographs, and more. Creating vector images allows you to create clean, beautiful works of art that can be scaled up and down infinitely without ever losing quality. This makes Adobe Illustrator a more ideal program for companies than other graphic design applications since they can create images and logos that can be small enough to be a tiny icon or large enough to appear on a billboard.

Graphic Design in InDesign

Adobe InDesign is specifically used for laying out printed materials. This could be brochures, newsletters, ads, business cards, or books (virtually anything that is made up of a combination of blocks of text, photos, or other artwork). Its purpose is to take the elements that you create in Illustrator and Photoshop and put them together in one place for personal or professional printing.  That includes printing to desktop printers all the way up to the high-end printing and plating systems of real-world print shops. InDesign offers controls and settings printers use to ensure that your work will print properly regardless of the print device.

Graphic Design in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has long been considered essential software for millions of designers across the globe for a wide range of tasks, including photo editing, graphic design, typography, illustration, 3D modelling and animation.  It is sold on its own, or as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, which also includes Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro and several other tools.  This course covers from the basic to the more advanced image creation and editing techniques used in Photoshop, and offers the student hands-on activities that demonstrate how these techniques can be used in combination to create exciting visual effects including illustration and animation.

Human Resource Administration

Human Resources is the implementation of a strategy to drive innovation, productivity and share price through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence.  In this Human Resources Career Diploma program students will explore various concepts of this strategy while examining the critical topics important to establishing the foundation for a functional and effective HR management environment (including Recruitment and Selection, Discipline and Grievance, Equality and Diversity, Learning and Development and Managing Performance).  Also included is certification preparation in Office Applications and Procedures, Business Communications and Customer Service. 

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is the implementation of a strategy to drive innovation, productivity and share price through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence. In this Human Resources Management course students will explore various concepts of this strategy while examining the critical topics important to establishing the foundation for a functional and effective HR management environment (including Recruitment and Selection, Discipline and Grievance, Bahamian Labor Laws, Equality and Diversity, Learning and Development and Managing Performance). 

ICB Advanced Bookkeeping & Accounting

Learn how to carry out more advanced bookkeeping functions and principles in the Level 3 Certificate from ICB, including the following:
  • Prepare a bank reconciliation statement for a business/company/organization.
  • Account for VAT and prepare a VAT return to an acceptable industry standard.
  • Prepare a ledger account for the purposes of recording the disposal of a fixed asset.
  • Calculate any profit or loss caused by the disposal of a fixed asset, and record these findings in accordance with current regulation and best practices.
  • Calculate adjustments to accounts when and if appropriate.
  • Prepare the final accounts for almost any type of non-incorporated business - this would include calculating, processing, and accurately recording any adjustments made to the account in question, including:
    • Opening and closing stock
    • Financial provisions for doubtful debt
    • Accruals
    • Prepayments
    • Depreciation of fixed assets

Information Technology Support Services

This diploma programme incorporates all of the major training requirements and certifications needed for students seeking to establish credibility and sound technical skills for a career in the Information Technology Industry. Students successfully completing this programme and the associated external exams will have achieved up to seven international certifications from the indisputably top IT certification bodies known in the world. 

Intro to Audio/ Music Production

This course will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of Audio and Music Production. Students will gain fundamentals in understanding these disciplines: Pre-Production, Audio Engineering /Music Production, and Post-Production. In this introductory course, students will have hands-on experience with equipment and will work on projects designed to develop these skills. With a mix of practical skills, theoretical knowledge and creativity students at the end of this course will be able to strategically align themselves in productive creative environments at the corporate level or in the artistic arena.

Intro to Bahamian Law 1 & 2

The paralegal profession is one of the fastest growing professions in the last ten year with many Legal Assistants now being employed by private law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies, real estate firms and some banks.  Students in this course will learn to assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services including conducting client interviews, interviewing witnesses, statistical and documentary research, drafting legal documents, attending executions of wills, real estate closings, depositions, attending court or administrative hearings and trials with the attorney. 

Intro to Breads, Pastries and Cake-Making

This course will provide students with the basic skills required for entry level work in a bakery or the pastry shop of a restaurant or hotel. These skills include: working in a safe and sanitary manner; working as part of a team; reading and accurately following a recipe; proper mixing, make-up and baking of yeast raised breads, laminated doughs, cookies, cakes, pies and tarts; cake icing; basic decorating techniques using a pastry bag; plating techniques.

Intro to Web Design

This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. Throughout the course students are introduced to planning and designing effective web pages; implementing web pages by writing HTML and CSS code; enhancing web pages with the use of pages layout techniques, text formatting, graphics, images, and multimedia; and producing a functional, multi-page website.

Introduction to Computers & Business Applications

This course is for students who have little or no experience with personal computers and who want to learn the basics. Students will learn about the main components of a typical computer system and the basic elements of the Windows interface. Students will learn how to navigate in Windows Explorer, organize files and folders, search for items on their computers, and personalize Windows. Students will also learn how to browse the Web with Internet Explorer and how to protect their computers from malware. This course will also provide students with a hands-on, interactive introduction to the most popular Office processing software in the world.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office -- including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook -- is one of the most popular sets of business software used worldwide. Microsoft (the company) offers the ability to become professionally recognized and certified in these applications through the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification.  A recent study by CompTIA showed that two-thirds of hiring managers in IT placed a high value on software certifications when choosing new hires. Beyond the hiring process, a study conducted by Microsoft and the International Data Corp. showed that employees in certain fields with Microsoft certification earned up to $16,000 more annually than uncertified workers in the same industry.

MTA Networking Fundamentals

The MTA Networking course is the newest suite of technology certification exams that validate fundamental knowledge needed to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This program provides an appropriate entry point to a future career in technology and assumes some hands-on experience or training but does not assume on-the-job experience. This course also builds an understanding of the following topics: Network Infrastructures, Network Hardware, and Protocols and Services.

National Training Agency


Office Administration & Accounting

Anyone who has had some success as an owner or manager of a company knows how critically important it is to have a strong administrative and accounting presence in the business.  Typically it almost always comes down to that one person with the skills, experience and leadership that grabs the reigns and runs the show.  Be that person!  Get certified in Accounting and QuickBooks, Business Communications and Team Collaboration and more while acquiring very practical skills on what it takes to lead and manage an Office environment.

Office Procedures & Theory

This course explores a variety of very relevant and essential skills for office professionals working in today's complex, multi-skill dependent business world. Students will cover topics in communication, information management, use of technology in the workplace, problem solving and more. Many of the activities outlined in the course are hands-on and task-oriented requiring students to apply knowledge and skills learned to complete an assignment or solve a problem.

Paralegal Studies

The paralegal profession is one of the fastest growing professions with many Legal Assistants now being employed by private law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies, real estate firms and some banks. Paralegals typically assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services including conducting client interviews, interviewing witnesses, statistical research, drafting legal documents, attending executions of wills, real estate closings, depositions, attending court or administrative hearings and trials with the attorney. Taught by certified lawyers, this diploma program is designed to prepare the student for all aspects of providing paralegal support for various job requirements of the profession in the Bahamian legal system. 

PC Repair & Troubleshooting

The PC Building and Repair workshop is a hands-on lab-based program that is designed to teach one how to build a computer piece by piece and know the function and purpose of each and every component. Personal computer (PC) support has evolved into one of the largest service industries in the world. The demand for skilled technicians to maintain, support, and upgrade PC’s is ever-growing. It is a rewarding and challenging career that can take you anywhere in the world. If you enjoy tinkering with PCs or have ever wondered how they work and what it takes to repair them, this is the class for you.

Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Customer service and support is truly the backbone of any business. It has the ability to make or break a customer’s experience and therefore impacts a company’s bottom line in many ways. Good customer service means more money. Happy Customers Spend More! In fact, seventy percent of buying experiences are based on the emotional experience of the customer and how he or she feels they are being treated. In this course, students will learn how to improve customer experiences in an engaging and interactive environment involving role-play, case studies, field trips, and more.

PHRi Exam Prep Workshop

The Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi™)  certification is made for professionals who want to enhance their HR skills internationally. In this PHRi exam prep workshop, we will explore, making sure that the right positions at your company are filled by employees with the necessary skills at the suitable times, shared administrative responsibilities, effective employee development methods, organizational enhancement through employee benefits and retention, the supports rewards system, workplace safety, employee satisfaction and effective use of human resource technology.

Principles of Business Management

This entry-level Business Management training and certification course is an excellent starting point for students interested in pursuing a career in management or improving their management skills. The course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. It offers a very practical approach to management including case studies, group projects, round table discussions and more.

Quickbooks Pro

This course is designed to prepare students for the QuickBooks® Certified User Exam by providing an easy to understand syllabus for students to grasp relevant accounting concepts while developing and honing skills in one of the most commonly used and powerful bookkeeping applications for small to medium sized businesses today.

The primary focus is centered on effectively understanding the dynamics of the software using real world scenarios.

Software Development Fundamentals

This course is designed to help persons who work in technical environments, learn the fundamentals and gain a better understanding of software development and application life cycle management.  In this course, you will learn how desktop and web applications are developed and the programming logic behind them.

Sushi-Making Level 1

Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything.” ? Nobu Matsuhisa
Like so many cultures and cuisine around the world, China and Japan have certainly had a significant and lasting impact on our collective global palette for some time now.  There may be no greater example of that impact than Sushi.  While it may be one of the most polarizing dishes that exists today, Sushi is undoubtedly a local favorite and remain one of the most popular dining-out options in the world today!

Team Leadership & Collaboration

Good leadership is about much more than business know-how. Leaders in the modern workplace must be able to empathize with their teams' concerns and needs, almost taking on the role of psychologist. And as the workplace is a constantly evolving ecosystem, leadership skills and leader roles aren't reserved purely for those in management positions anymore. 
In this course, students will explore new concepts of leadership with a team-first approach and focus. They can expect lively debates and group discussions, case studies, team collaboration exercises and presentations.